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Travel Bags

Lottiemimi bags are designed to be Rollable, Foldable, washable, squashable travel bags.


   With practical designs and gorgeous fabrics allowing you to travel the globe in style.



















Travel bags are great if they are multi purpose when you are travelling, you can fit all the necessities in for a day out like water, money, small camera, maps and even a small snack.

Lenghthen the strap on the explorer bag and place across the body for a relaxed day time look, this also allows your arms to be free and feel that your bag is secure on you whilst sight seeing or wondering through markets.

In the evening, shorten the straps on your handbag and place over your shoulder for a more elegant evening look which doesn't spoil the look of your evening outfit.





































The best bit about these travel bags is that you can simply fold them up or roll them and squeeze them down one side of your suitcase, when you land unroll, shake out and fill with your holiday purse, camera and sun tan lotion.


They are great for airports too, the back pocket is designed so that you can put documents and tickets into this pocket and only you can easily get to it when required, allowing you to board your plane with an uncrumpled ticket with ease, no more searching frantically for tickets.